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Sustainability in Action: More Information

Remember, MELA is a movement—a community dedicated to sustainability. This forum is one in which we can support and learn from each other AND hear more from the MELA members who are leading edge in practicing sustainability.

Within MELA’s Sustainability in Action area, you will find the “Take the Challenge” area. This feature encourages you to challenge yourself! Start somewhere. Try out a green technique. Don’t worry: you won’t be alone.

Many green industry professionals have come to MELA as a way to begin their journey toward sustainability, and we’d like to help you get started, too. (The Challenge is optional and available if YOU choose to take it. MELA’s mission is to help you succeed.)

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to the "Take the Challenge” area and explore the suggested sustainability practices within the five topics: Soils, Vegetation, Water, Materials or Human Health and Well Being.
  2. Select the suggested practice that you'd like to begin incorporating into your business (click its checkbox).
  3. Click "submit."
MELA will be your partner in this process. Turn to us for support in the challenge you've selected. We'll also connect you to others taking similar challenges. In addition, the forum area is a useful resource designed to help you succeed at incorporating sustainability techniques.

Congratulations on your commitment to bringing green practices to the built environment!

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