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The Challenge: Soils

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In order to understand our impact on the soil food web, I will research the products we currently use or expect to use in order to understand what potentially negative impact they may have on organisms in the soil.
In order to better understand the soil food web, I will learn about soil testing, including chemical testing, biological testing and the importance of testing for lead. I will also become knowledgeable about the difference between synthetic and animal-based recommendations for soil improvement.
In order to promote soil restoration, I will include chemical soil analysis for each of our projects. I will also recommend testing for lead for clients who intend to use the land for growing vegetables. If the landscape or valuable trees are generally not looking good, I will recommend a test for the biology in the soil. For all soil sampling, I will request plant & animal based recommendations rather than synthetic recommendations for soil repair based on analysis results.
In order to protect soils from compaction, I will provide a protection plan for each project site.
In order to contribute to healthier soil, I will shred and mulch leaves into flower beds during fall clean-up rather than removing and disposing of them.




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