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The Challenge: Well-Being

Please choose your Challenge item(s) and send it to us by clicking the button below. We suggest you begin with one item. You are always welcome to come back to try others.


Select any or all of the following steps to sustainability:


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I will identify and honor the needs of my local community by placing the needs and desires of my customers in the context of the broader community. This will include considering how choices for my customers affect both their immediate neighbors and broader neighborhood.
I will encourage physical activity and improved health in children by designing/making/promoting challenging & engaging trails as well as exercise and play areas that go a step beyond convention solutions.
My work will help soothe stress and encourage health year-round by incorporating aesthetic and meditative views from interior spaces. I can begin this process by asking my client if I can photograph from inside their house before I begin the design process.
Even if I cannot yet commit to a Living Wage Requirement of 75% of workers employed during site construction, I will prepare for this practice by taking the means necessary to determine what my company needs to explore/discuss/move forward on this issue.
I will promote community health by speaking, giving a demonstration, or donating materials or labor or funds to at least one of the following activities annually: growing food, developing community gardens, or training the unemployed or unskilled to work in the green industry.




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