Membership Has Its Benefits


For all advocates of sustainable landscapes, MELA is the Midwest's leader in the green outdoors movement.

Through MELA, you can connect, learn, and lead with others in creating and stewarding sustainable lawns, home gardens, parks, campuses, conservation areas and more.

MELA members bring passion and expertise to every project, as well as a hands-on approach and commitment to sustainable design, installation and maintenance standards and practices.

Our membership fees have changed. Check them out.

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Member benefits:

Promotion of your business on our website and a link to your own company website—this is the #1 benefit our company members enjoy.
The opportunity for professional members to apply for MELA's Preferred Provider Lists.

Dialogue between professionals and individuals on how we can work together to achieve sustainability in the built environment.

Discounted fees for up to 8 people (depending on your membership level) for all MELA conferences, networking events and educational seminars. The value of this benefit alone saves you the cost of membership, since MELA is expanding events rapidly each year. We offer:

  • Our Annual Conference in February
  • Eco-tours, demonstrating sustainable solutions of all kinds
  • Meet MELA events for potential new members
  • Natural Lawn Care training in collaboration with SPCP and ILCA
  • Fall Member Meeting
  • A Season Wrap-up Event

Each of these events offers the best networking in the Midwest, bringing together professionals, non-profoit partners and individuals from all branches of the industry and individuals interested in sustainability.