Green: How & Why

Sustainability means living today without borrowing from tomorrow. It's the midpoint between degradation and renewal. Sustainability is only a goal. Nature regenerates. To get us there, we must become a partner with nature and take measurable steps that yield positive results. We also need to partner with each other.

It takes the effort of the whole community, landscape professionals, municipalities, corporate sustainability officers and homeowners, for sustainability to become the standard operating procedure in landscape design and build. The universal challenges that we face are twofold: overcoming standard practices in our industry that are not sustainable and educating the customer about the long-term economic and environmental benefits of sustainability.

That's why MELA is committed to advocacy for the sustainable outdoors movement, bringing all its components together to meet, learn and share. One way we do that is through communications to green industry professionals via their association's magazine called "The Landscape Contractor" and our MELA Report. Our MELA magazine insert called "How Green Gets Done" highlights innovations in sustainability, members that are making strides in sustainable practices, and business practices that can help our members grow. The MELA Report is issued monthly and contains news for, by and about members. These articles often include valuable links that provide further information not only to green industry professionals, but to all who are interested in the tools needed to partner with nature to yield positive outcomes.

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